(it’s not just) about us

Saisei (Japanese for “rebirth” or “regeneration”)
was born out of a dream we had, to create slow fashion
that is environmentally and comfortably conscious.

our goal…

is to offer women, all over the world, access to a more balanced, sustainably minded lifestyle. We believe it’s all about connecting the dots. Creating a harmonious relationship between humans as consumers and what we really want, together with what we actually need. We find happiness in balance and are driven to create great fashion that is also easy to care for, durable and sustainable – so that you can really own every item you own.

We want to be physically comfortable, but conscious of our surroundings – and to look great while we’re doing it. That’s why our premium, smooth, body-hugging fabrics are predominantly recycled and super comfortable to wear in any moment. All made with love and eco-friendly awareness every step of the way.

For us this is not just lip service, this is a way of thinking, of acting, of being. From sourcing, through design and marketing, all the way to manufacturing, packaging and shipping, we aim to remain conscious in every single aspect of our activity.

We are proud to be in pursuit of better.

our team:

Based in Tel Aviv, New York and London, Saisei’s lab is composed of two complementary pillars:

  • Our creative, art and design team works hard to create basic items that fit all body shapes and sizes. Giving you maximum support and comfort as you juggle your tasks and dreams.
  • Our R&D team turns this vision into reality, with a zero-compromise policy on quality, materials, and sourcing.

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