(it’s not just) about us

Our collective celebrates a way of life valuing purpose. We’re on a mission to redefine luxury. Indulge yourself with cutting-edge comfort and buttery soft recycled fabrics designed with longevity, versatility, and ease of living in mind. Each piece is produced responsibly, and intentionally, so that you can really love what you wear, wherever you are.

Focusing on better choices, rather than many choices.
Designed to empower women in their no-compromising, mindful lifestyle and adapt to her dynamic pace. With a timeless aesthetic and a versatile appeal, our multifunctional pieces are the foundation of the ultimate wardrobe: easy-to-wear classic staples you’ll feel your best in.

Guided by our founding mantra, Pursuit of Better – we are driven to keep searching and innovating; stubbornly setting new industry standards.

This is Saisei’s vision.
Doing it better at every step.

our team:

Saisei’s collective is composed of two complementary pillars:

  • Our creative team works hard to create elevated products. We are here to close the gap between functional, comfortable, everyday wear to what makes you feel supported, empowered, and at your best.

  • Our R&D team turns this vision into reality, with the highest standards on quality, materials and sourcing, chasing the latest innovation and cutting-edge techniques; so when tell you we are raising the bar - we mean it!

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