• what are our fabrics made of?

We use recycled yarns from two sources:

  • Post-consumer waste – made from fishing nets and used carpets that have undergone a unique recycling process to produce new yarns.
  • Post-industrial waste - yarn that originates from the remnants of other production activities and has undergone a process to convert it into something new.

We are in an ongoing quest to be at the front line of eco-friendly technology. Here’s a sneak-peek of our plans for the near future ...

  • Bio-degradable yarns - because your undies shouldn't outlive you.
  • Natural dyeing techniques - nature is colorful as it is.
  • Garment recycling service - everyone deserves a second chance.
  • Exploring new recycled materials - repurposing is the name of the game!

how we select our colors

After meticulous planning and fabric development, we wanted a color palette that would reflect our products’ natural and renewable characteristics.

We selected seasonless colors that would stand the test of time, bypassing trends and flairs of the moment. They had to be easy to wear and to enhance many skin tones - reflecting our values of inclusivity and appreciation for diversity.

We wanted each color to be independently beautiful yet aesthetically harmonious as a team, creating endless mix & match possibilities.

our product:

what inspires our designs

Essential elevated classics designed to take you from bed to the street and everything in between - so that you can wear more and buy less.

Designed to empower women in their no-compromising, mindful lifestyle and adapt to her dynamic pace. With a timeless aesthetic and a versatile appeal, our multifunctional pieces are the foundation of the ultimate wardrobe: easy-to-wear classic staples you’ll feel your best in.