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Ribbed Lounge Bralette
Ribbed Lounge Bralette
Sculpting Bra
Sculpting BraSculpting Bra

pursuit of better

It's not only about using regenerated fabrics and fibers. Every step in our production cycle is transparent and environmentally conscious, in an effort to minimize our global footprint. We’re constantly exploring and improving, while making sure we’re not compromising on the finest quality and on beautiful designs you'd be proud to wear.







our design principles

  • innovation in sustainability

    Using the latest technologies in yarn & textile innovation in an effort to raise the bar of eco- responsibility.

    Responsible and sustainable production is at the core of what we do. Since inception we've been using 85% recycled materials (way above industry standard) currently our new production is made with 100% sustainable raw materials!

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  • cutting-edge comfort

    For us, comfort and luxury go hand in hand.
    If it's not the most comfortable- we don't make it.
    This is why we use premium quality recycled materials that allow our products to last longer, and wear beautifully.

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  • elevated hybrid essentials

    High-performing, multi-functioning essentials that support your dynamic lifestyle.

    With a sophisticated, timeless aesthetic and a versatile appeal, our effortless pieces are the foundation of the ultimate wardrobe: easy-to-wear classic staples you’ll feel your best in.

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